Welcome to IPC Advertising

IPC Advertising is the sales divison of IPC Media.www.ipcadvertising.com is a magazine marketing website offering advertising planners and buyers magazine and digital insight and advertising effectiveness evidence as well as brand details about IPC Media magazines and website media brands.

Sections are divided into audience, consumer insight, magazine planning, magazine advertising case studies and the IPC Media magazine planning awards. Factual data is listed as Circulation ( ABC ) and Readership ( NRS ) figures.

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Welcome to IPC Advertising

Here you will find details of all IPC Media multi-platform brands plus Consumer Insight, Planning Advice, Effectiveness Evidence and Case Studies which support the role of magazine and digital advertising in successful communications planning. 

Consumer Insight

IPC Insight represents a step-change in how a media owner shares its customer understanding with advertisers. Through continuous investigations into consumer lifestyle, attitudes, behaviour and buying patterns, IPC ensures that advertisers have the best understanding of the people to whom they are advertising.


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